What exactly is EGF Serum and why does it play such an important role in Anti Aging?

Anti Aging mit EGF Serum. Lang anhaltend und effektiv.

Epidermal growth factor (EGF) signaling protein molecule. 3D rendering. Atoms are represented as spheres with conventional color coding.

Is there an interest and why was the Nobel Prize awarded for these findings?

We have put together the most important issues and explain what makes EGF so outstanding.

It is an undeniable fact, that we are all getting older. How this aging process takes place varies from one person to another and can be influenced immensely by some crucial factors.

Genetic disposition plays an important role but also environmental factors such as UV-radiation, dryness and particle emissions. Last but not least lifestyle habits like nutrition (diet), regular exercise, nicotine and alcohol have a great impact on the way we age.

Finally everybody can influence their own skin condition by using the right care products. Yet, what is the effectiveness of anti-aging agents and can a serum with hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and EGF ensure any positive effect? Is there such a thing as a miracle product that makes wrinkles disappear and can even slow down the aging process?

Wrinkles, thinning, sagging and pale skin

Ist gute Haut vererbbar?The skin changes; loses firmness, gets slacker, dryer and lacks rapid regeneration. Small wrinkles appear more frequently. Expression lines – usually on the forehead, around the mouth and the eyes – are more distinct due to a lack of collagen. Endogenous production of collagen decreases with increasing age causing a loss of structure and firmness of the connective tissue. Skin thickness and stability diminishes and therefore the skin is more sensitive and needs more time to heal. Furthermore the delicate capillary vessels located directly under the skin are less perfuse, which makes the skin appear more pale and bags under the eyes more visible.

Origin and cause: the biological process of aging

Let us have a look what exactly happens with our skin when we get older and why our skin ages in the first place.

Over the years the human body´s ability to regenerate cells and the metabolic processes decrease more and more. Up until the mid twenties the body is fully powered with growth and immune factors such as EGF and FGF (fibroblast growth factor). From a medical point of view this level can be kept till the aging process starts at the age of about 35. As of this age the performance of the cells such as growth and reproduction are slowed down to a great extent. The synthesis between growth factors and immune factors weakens, leading to a general degeneration of the human organism. A distinction is made between primary and secondary aging factors.

Mit EGF Serum zu einem optimalen Hautbild in jedem Alter

The primary aging process – also known as physiological age – takes place at cellular level and indicates the aging process of organs and organisms.

The secondary aging process is determined by individual lifestyle and external circumstances such as diet, exercise, disease, and drugs (nicotine, alcohol). The secondary factors can therefore be influenced by a lack of exercise, malnutrition or drug consumption.

Feasible solutions to a more healthy lifestyle and the right beauty care

What does really help? Which factors can be influenced? What is happening within the realms of the cosmetic care sector?

The easiest way to positively influence the secondary aging process is a healthy way of life. This involves a healthy diet, to exercise regularly, little alcohol consumption and good stress management.

5. Essential tips on how to slow down the ageing process

  • Sleep is important for Anti AgingSleep: An adequate amount of sleep is essential to obtain beautiful and radiant skin. Six to nine hours sleep are a rough guideline, which may vary individually. Sleep is a boost for our immune system and when damaged tissues can be repaired. A positive influence can be noticed on our metabolism whilst sleeping. With the right amount of sleep, it is possible lower the risk of becoming sick or gain ecess weight.
  • EGF Serum kann die Haut schützen vor intensiver SonneneinstrahlungSun: Sun has a great influence on our skin condition.
    Intensive sun exposure to unprotected skin is one of the main reasons for aging skin – especially lines and wrinkles at the eyes. Often these effects appear only several years later. Therefore excessive sunbathing, especially without any sun protection is not recommended.
  • Die richtige Ernährung ist ausschlaggebend für eine gesunde HautNutrition: Hair, nails and skin are a good indication of our nutrition. The better the diet the better the skin condition. A lack of vitamins, minerals or essential fatty acids take a toll on our skin. With its antioxidants functions especially, vitamin C & E help make skin healthy and firm. A lack of vitamin C2 and E can be a catalyst for aging skin – due to the fact that both can bind free radicals (aggressive oxygen compounds, which attack our cells) and save the skin from premature aging. Vegetable oils, avocados, nuts and linseed contain a high level of vitamin E. Sweet peppers, spinach, certain cabbages, strawberries , kiwis , seabuckthorn, and citrus fruits are full of vitamin C . Since vitamin C is very sensitive to heat and light it should be stored accordingly and not kept for long.
  • Viel Wasser trinken polstert die Haut von innen aufStaying Hydrated: Water is a life elixir and most of us do not drink enough of it. Water supports the circulation of our skin and encourages metabolic processes. Nutrients and oxygen can enter the cells more easily. Drinking 2-3 litres of water each day helps to save the skin´s vitality and elasticity.
  • EGF serum ist die optimale Pflege für reife HautSkincare: There are several cosmetic agents which help to stop aging skin. The most famous anti-aging agents are – amongst many others – Vitamin C & E, Hyaluronan, Retinol (Vitamin A) and Q 10. Unfortunately the effect of all these agents is very time limited. Initially the skin is well soaked and padded but this effect easily fades. This is because these substances are only reaching the upper layers of the skin, not the deeper ones. This is why the face appears smooth and firm only for a short period. Thanks to the latest scientific findings, better options to achieve a long term skin improvement without the force of scalpels and needles now exist. The growth factors EGF and FGF are now focal point of these new research developments.

EGF – Nobel Prize in Medicine

What makes the two agents EGF and FGF so outstanding?

In 1962, the scientists Stanley Cohen and Rita Levi-Montalcini discovered the growth factor EGF. In 1986 they were awarded the Nobel Price of Medicine. The epidermal growth factor EGF is responsible for cell reproduction and activation of stem cells in the skin. FGF – the fibroblast growth factor is responsible for the formation of fibroblasts, which in turn are responsible for the formation of collagen.

Through a particularly gentle processing procedure these agents can be used in skincare products which offer an even more efficient anti-aging solution.

More information about growth factors here.


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